Reduce the economic burden due
to the changing demands and
preventable losses.

Why Relevant?

£5.2Bn Loss

UK Businesses in Retail, Food Manufacturing, Hospitality and Foodservices are losing 2.9Mt annually in Food Wastage
(The Waste and Resources Action Programme, UK)


Consumers, primarily Gen Z, are less loyal to brands rendering traditional loyalty programs ineffective
(Ernst & Young)


Revenue increase Businesses can reap from advanced demand planning
(McKinsey & Company)

AI driven decision support for
improving resilience

We are developing unique insights that helps businesses to
monitor shopper demand and recommends changes
to optimise supply chain.

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Demand Planning More

Demand Planning
  • Analyzing historical data to identify trends.
  • Reducing stockouts for products and services.
  • Developing demand plans that take into account supply chain constraints and market conditions.

Advanced Analytics (AI) More

Advanced Analytics (AI)
  • Using artificial intelligence to analyze data and identify patterns.
  • Developing predictive models to forecast future demand.
  • Automating tasks to improve efficiency.

Market Research More

Market Research
  • Conducting surveys and interviews to gather data about customer needs and preferences.
  • Analyzing market trends to identify opportunities and threats.
  • Developing marketing strategies to reach target audiences.

Creatives & Campaigns More

Creatives & Campaigns
  • Developing creative concepts for marketing campaigns.
  • Creating marketing materials such as ads, brochures, and websites.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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